We offer you comprehensive legal representation both in and out of court. Whether food, food contact materials, consumer goods, cosmetic products, toys and consumer products, animal feed or medicines: All these areas inherently involve conflicting interests of numerous stakeholders, ranging from consumers, NGOs and clients to competitors and food control authorities. For this reason, our legal counsel and representation cover all three underlying fields of law: civil law, public law and criminal law.

You have received a civil warning notice from a competitor or a consumer or competition association?

Or you are holding a complaint from an authority in your hands and do not know what consequences this entails? Is there a risk that you might be prohibited from marketing your product by way of an administrative act, can you be prosecuted for a regulatory offence (fine) or can you be even accused of intent and consequently of having committed a criminal offence?

Regardless of whether your case falls under civil, public or criminal law: Get in touch with us. We review your case and help you defend your product. We are your point of contact both in an out of court.

Out of court

You have an out-of-court conflict? We inform you about the possible consequences and develop a comprehensive strategy for you in the event of (imminent) disputes. We investigate the facts of the case, assess them with regard to opportunities and risks, propose alternatives and prepare a detailed risk and cost analysis. On that basis, we develop and implement solutions in your best interest in consultation with you.

We know from many years of experience that it is often advisable to resolve disputes out of court, especially when seeking to preserve long-standing business relationships or ensure future collaboration. We take your individual objectives in this context seriously, always endeavouring to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Whether you need advice in the context of advertising concepts, labelling or product development or want to defend your interests against third parties out of court, such as when negotiating adequate grace or transition periods: We will be happy to assist you. Get in touch with us!

In court

Don’t just be right, win your case: If it serves your interests, we also support you in enforcing your claims and defending against claims of third parties in court. To this end, we represent our clients before all national courts and before the Court of Justice of the European Union, in particular in competition disputes (warning notices), in summary and principal proceedings, in administrative court proceedings as well as in criminal and regulatory offence proceedings.

We offer you legal representation, which we understand to include well-considered strategic consultation. Since litigation is always a dynamic process, we review the strategy developed in consultation with you regarding feasibility and timeliness, making it possible to adapt it according to your objectives, if necessary. Keeping your interests in mind, we always seek to find the best-possible solutions for you in court proceedings as well.

We look forward to your inquiry