Cosmetics law regulates the material composition, labelling, advertising, sale and monitoring of cosmetic products. This is accomplished predominantly through the EU Cosmetics Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009), which is supplemented by Regulation (EU) No 655/2013 laying down common criteria for the justification of claims in relation to cosmetic products (referred to as Claims Regulation).

The legal framework in the field of cosmetics is complex. We assist you in all practical matters relating to cosmetic products.

Material composition

The development or use of new ingredients in cosmetic products gives rise to numerous legal questions, for example when it comes to using substances that are already applied elsewhere, such as in pharmaceuticals. This is not always possible. Careful prior legal analysis can prevent later complaints. As far as novel ingredients are concerned, proper positioning and purpose definition can also set the course in terms of future product advertising.

Do you have any related questions? We provide advice regarding composition as well as delimitation between cosmetics and medicinal products, medical devices and biocidal products.

Responsibilities, quality and safety

In the sale of cosmetics, there are special requirements, such as exclusive sale by pharmacies or restraint of distribution by authorised dealers. The same applies to manufacturing. Due to division of labour and the procurement of many ingredients from raw material manufacturers, in particular, it is advisable to clarify responsibilities and liability issues in advance. Mutual obligations to provide information with regard to complaints and product labelling (e.g. as to allergenic substances) may be of essential significance for you.

We help you draft contractual agreements, handle disruptions in collaboration or represent you in dealing with regulatory authorities. In this context, the quality and content of the necessary product information file (dossier) as well as any studies justifying the statements about effects should also be taken into account. We provide advice regarding the necessary product information file as well as safety assessment matters.

Our scientific collaboration partner GmbH enables us to support you in this area at an early stage and find suitable solutions together with you.

Labelling, marketing

You have any questions about the labelling of your cosmetic products or would like to place a product innovation on the market? We assist you in all matters that may arise at any stage of the process from product development to marketing of your cosmetic products.

We review and optimise your labelling. We also offer guidance in developing new marketing strategies or review and optimise your advertising, in particular with a view to the “Claims Regulation”.

You have received a complaint or a warning notice?

You have received a warning notice from a competitor or a consumer or competition association? You have received a complaint about your product from an authority or been given a fine? Perhaps not only labelling issues, but also safety problems play a role in this context?

We review the accusations and help you defend your product. Should the complaints turn out to be legally justified, we support you in negotiating grace periods and adapting your products and/or labelling in a legally compliant manner.

In addition, we support you in crisis management and crisis communication at any time, not only in dealing with authorities, but also in dealing with your suppliers and buyers. Just get in touch with us.

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