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In our modern world, companies are facing crisis situations more than ever, whether in the context of public (product) warnings or recalls or on account of investigative media reports or corporate social responsibility. Products that are frequently affected include mainly foods (e.g. pesticide residues, contamination with salmonellae or listeria), food contact materials (migration of substances such as mineral oil hydrocarbons) as well as consumer goods and toys. In order not to remain in this threat situation and successfully overcome the crisis, sophisticated risk management, including risk assessment and successful crisis communication, are needed.

This is exactly what we can offer you. In crisis situations, we are at your disposal round the clock (24/7).
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Risk management

We understand our risk management as being comprehensive and support you at all levels and all stages of risk management. We are your partner in crisis prevention and in the specific crisis situation, all the way to the subsequent evaluation.

As crisis managers, we offer direct on-site advisory services for your business as well as specific process planning and crisis management implementation (such as in the event of recalls), including immediate management of internal and external communication channels. Careful risk assessment and well-considered crisis communication are particularly important factors for successful risk management in crisis situations. We support you in this respect according to your specific needs.

Risk assessment

Good risk management first and foremost includes proper risk assessment. Is a recall necessary, is accepting returns sufficient or maybe no measures need to be taken at all? We help you identify and characterise the risks of the specific crisis situation. Based on that, we prepare an exposure assessment, enabling you to clearly and accurately estimate the risk and determine the further course of action. Since crisis situations cannot be overcome without having comprehensive knowledge of the problem at hand, we integrate the scientific expertise of our collaboration partner GmbH into our legal advisory services, if necessary.


Communication from the very beginning is of crucial significance for successful risk management. Only successful crisis communication makes it possible to meet the requirements for information and transparency as well as credible solutions.

To have the information situation fully under control at all times, we support you in crisis communication from the outset. We assist you in preparing information and communicating with authorities, media, customers, stakeholders and employees.

With a view to the trust in your company and your company’s responsibility, it is particularly important to keep the external perception of the crisis in mind. From “silence is golden” to “bad news is good news”: There is a broad range of communication options in crisis situations. We know from years of experience that the extent of a crisis as perceived by consumers depends not only on the actual or probable health hazard and risk of deception as well the regional extent of the same, but also, and most importantly, on the presentation in the media and by interest groups.

In the event of a crisis, we select and initiate the optimum communication strategy in consultation with you.

Crisis prevention

Crisis situations can be overcome. Apart from that, the following applies: Crisis prevention is of the utmost importance.

So do not wait until a crisis event to contact us. We assist you in preparing for and preventing crisis situations beforehand with a risk-based quality assurance plan. Many – if not all – crisis situations can be avoided by seeking advice early on and by critically reviewing your own products and workflows. In addition, we show you and your employees how to safely navigate unsafe terrain in compact and practice-oriented workshops as well as in crisis exercises including easy-to-handle to-do instructions. Get in touch with us.

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