Contract review and design
As part of our comprehensive food law counselling services, we offer you to review and draft all those contracts that accompany your product over its lifecycle. This includes all contracts relating to the development, marketing and sale of products, such as:

  • Framework contracts
  • Manufacturing and contract manufacturing agreements (on behalf of both producers and buyers)
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Research and development contracts
  • Licensing contracts
  • Supply contracts
  • Distribution and marketing contracts
  • Contract components, such as General Terms and Conditions
  • Guarantee agreements
  • Quality agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements

Good contractual agreements are of crucial significance not only for large companies. Contractual agreements can also be of vital importance for start-ups and founders, for example with regard to commercially valuable existing know-how that is worth being protected, such as product specifications, customer data, results of market and behavioural analyses and a multitude of other information. After all, since the Trade Secrets Act entered into force in 2019, only those who have taken active measures to ensure confidentiality have been effectively protected against disclosure of secrets on the basis of claims for compensation and injunctive relief. In dealings with third parties, contractual confidentiality agreements have therefore become a top priority.

Enforcement of or defence against contractual claims

In the literal sense, agreements are actually intended to serve as a basis for reaching an agreement, especially when things get difficult. But sometimes disputes still cannot be avoided. In such cases, we are at your disposal as your reliable point of contact.

We support you in enforcing or defending against contractual claims, such as warranty and product liability claims. We know from many years of experience that it is often advisable to resolve disputes out of court, especially when seeking to preserve long-standing business relationships or ensure future collaboration. We take your individual objectives in this context seriously and use our expertise in consumer goods law and our negotiation skills to achieve the best possible outcome for you. If it serves your interests, we do not shy away from enforcing your claims or defending you against claims of third parties in court.

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