Formation – Partnerships – Research and Development – Licensing – Sales and Marketing
As part of our comprehensive food law counselling services, we offer the formation and design of all contracts that may be necessary in successfully bringing a product to market. We provide support in contract enforcement proceedings and defence against warranty and product liability claims.
This includes the development and review of framework agreements for manufacturing and
contract manufacturing (on behalf of producers as well as buyers) and any other agreements required for the creation,
marketing and sale of products, such as for

  • Manufacturing and contract manufacturing
  • Cooperation
  • Research and development
  • Licensing
  • Supply and delivery
  • Distribution and marketing
  • Sections of agreements, such as General Terms and Conditions

Based on our many years of experience, we know that it is usually better to resolve disputes out of court, especially when seeking to preserve the business relationship of the parties. In such cases, we use our consumer goods law expertise and sharp negotiating skills to reach the best possible solution for you. But we never shy away from pursuing your claims or defending you against the demands of others, in or out of court.

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