Numerous European and national regulations impose significant requirements on the marketing of food. We are your competent point of contact for all matters relating to food law.

You develop, produce, process or sell food? Or want to import food? You have any related questions about product development or composition? Or about labelling or advertising? Or you have received a warning notice or a complaint from an authority? Perhaps your food exceeds the maximum contaminant levels and you do not know whether a recall is necessary, accepting returns is sufficient or maybe no measures need to be taken at all?

We provide guidance in developing new products, assist in taking quality management measures, drafting contracts and developing a marketing concept or offer support in crisis situations as well as disputes with competitors, competition associations or authorities.

Our core competencies include:

  • Advice during product development
  • Assignment to a product category and delimitation from other categories
  • Review of material composition and purpose definition
  • Review and optimisation of labelling
  • Advice regarding advertising (such as “health claims”), development of advertising strategies and customised marketing strategies
  • Approval procedures for additives, health claims, novel foods
  • Advisory opinions on marketability
  • Quality management, quality assurance and hygiene management, including HACCP
  • Compliance systems
  • Risk assessment of contaminants and residues
  • Representation in dealing with competitors, authorities and public prosecutors
  • Lobbying at national and supranational level
  • Crisis assessment, communication and management
  • Advice regarding liability for defects and product liability
  • Advice in the context of regulatory exemptions and general rulings

Where scientific knowledge is necessary for the assessment of matters, we integrate the expertise of our collaboration partner GmbH into our legal advisory services, enabling us to provide comprehensive guidance on all matters relating to food law from the outset according to your specific needs.

Our clients include large food industry leaders and medium-sized businesses engaged in food production and trade, for example in the fields of organic food, vinegar and oils, food for specific groups (such as baby and infant food, FSMP), meat and sausage products, poultry, beverages (including alcoholic beverages, beer and spirits), cereals (bread, bakery products and pasta), coffee and tea, cheese and milk (including dairy products, mineral and table water, nutrients and nutritional supplements, confectionery (chocolate, sweets) and vegan/vegetarian food.
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