We are one of the leading law firms in Germany for the food, food contact materials, cosmetics, toys and consumer products, animal feed, drugs, medical products and chemical industries. We offer businesses in these sectors comprehensive advice and representation of the highest quality.

We work meticulously with the matter at hand and resolve complex questions of a scientific or technical nature with the support of our cooperative partner GmbH. Particularly in the areas of food, medicines and supplements, cosmetics, chemicals and consumer products, we offer counsel that integrates legal analysis with an equally strong scientific basis.

In addition to professional practice, we earn valuable experience from our engagement in numerous industry-related associations, teaching opportunities at the Technical University of Munich, publications in relevant media and the organisation of conferences and seminars. The contacts we make in government agencies, institutions of higher learning and trade groups through these activities are also a benefit to our clients in that we represent their general interests with our influence, in advance of any dispute and beyond the typical paths of conflict resolution.

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